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Zulu Iklwa EVO – Slalom/Race Zulu Iklwa EVO – Slalom/Race

Zulu Iklwa EVO – Slalom/Race

Prijs € 185,00

After the succes of the Zulu Iklwa Freerace we have put all of our experience in the Zulu Iklwa EVO.

The Zulu Iklwa EVO is a more slalom/race version of the Iklwa Freerace and fits between the Iklwa and the Shaka.

The fin is next level but not real hardcore so every windsurfer that’s picking up speed can use the Zulu Iklwa EVO.
if you use a slalom board, want to go faster, have more control, be a better surfer. The Zulu Iklwa EVO is the one you want.

Zulu CM71 – Slalom/Race Zulu CM71 – Slalom/Race

Zulu CM71 – Slalom/Race

Prijs € 375,00

CM71  — (Cyril Moussilmani F71)

The Zulu CM71 is a machine and Cyril Moussilmani’s fin of choice. It is an elite, world class product with a unique construction that has been tested and perfected for competitive slalom racing.

Specifically designed and developed for top level Slalom racing by one of the most experienced windsurfers in the world.

ZULU GIJIMA Speed/Slalom

ZULU GIJIMA Speed/Slalom

Prijs € 275,00

The Zulu Gijima speed slalom fin has a special eleptical profile wich results in a high end carbon fin for strong choppy conditions where you want to go downwind to make your speedrun.

Convidence is what you need to go in a downwind run where the conditions are wild but the change to make your GPS run are showing in front of you..

only the best


Deep Tuttle Adapter Deep Tuttle Adapter

Deep Tuttle Adapter

Prijs € 10,95

Gebruik als even mogelijk een Deep Tuttle Adapter als je een Tuttle vin in een Deep Tuttle Box wil gaan gebruiken. 

Picture is showing damage made by using tuttle box fin into deep tuttle box  board. Yellow arrows are showing the crack made by the fin base. When you are fixing the fin into the board you are applying force with tightening the screws and the fin base is pulled inside the board. This way, the fin is pushing into front and back of the box. The blue arrow is showing the direction of the force and as a consequence the box is cracked. Water is entering and we all know the scenario. Red arrow is showing the deepest point of tuttle base into deep tuttle box.  This is also the point where the crack ends.

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AV Freemove BT 2021 97 Demo
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AV Freemove BT 2021 97 Demo

Prijs € 1.399,00

AB Boards Freemove BT

Geniaal Freemove / Freewave board. (golven tot 2 meter gaan perfect). 

Loopt op vlakwater nog serieus hard ook. 

in 3 en 4 voetbanden setup te varen. 

Incl originele vinnen set (AV Carbon center + thrusters)

Evt incl additionele set vinnen (iets kleiner) in G10 (prachtige finish)

keer of 5 nat geweest dus zgan!!

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