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2022 Blacktip

The 22/23 Blacktip presents absolute high-end performance for the advanced to pro, wave sailors looking for a sail to push their limits in any conditions. The Blacktip is the solution for any rider looking for a sail with a light feel, direct power delivery, and a wide wind range. This combined with extra back-hand throttle to create drive to manoeuvre in the critical sections of the wave, is what makes the Blacktip first choice for pro riders such as Alessio Stillrich and Ben Proffitt.

The 22/23 Blacktip presents a refined luff curve design, with a slightly lower aspect ratio compared to 2021. These improvements promote a lowered center of effort and a more forward-focused profile. These features combined enable a crisp and reactive feel to the sail. Load up and release at any instance. The Blacktip’s main technical features include; a progressive four batten layout in all sizes. Precision tapered battens on the lower two battens to keep the draft forward and locked in. A Q-Ply luff panel for a smooth transition of power, combined with a vertical kevlar load line that maintains the skin tension from top to tack, preserving the longevity of the materials while providing a light-weight sail that will stay intact for many seasons to come. The Blacktip is also available in an extra durable full X-Ply version, the Blacktip Legacy.
The 22/23 Blacktip presents the cutting edge of sail design for the hardcore wave slayer looking for a manoeuvre oriented wave sail to push their wavesailing to the next level!

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Deep Tuttle Adapter Deep Tuttle Adapter

Deep Tuttle Adapter

Prijs € 10,95

Gebruik als even mogelijk een Deep Tuttle Adapter als je een Tuttle vin in een Deep Tuttle Box wil gaan gebruiken. 

Picture is showing damage made by using tuttle box fin into deep tuttle box  board. Yellow arrows are showing the crack made by the fin base. When you are fixing the fin into the board you are applying force with tightening the screws and the fin base is pulled inside the board. This way, the fin is pushing into front and back of the box. The blue arrow is showing the direction of the force and as a consequence the box is cracked. Water is entering and we all know the scenario. Red arrow is showing the deepest point of tuttle base into deep tuttle box.  This is also the point where the crack ends.

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RRD Firestorm Y28
  • Nieuw

RRD Firestorm Y28

Prijs € 2.899,00

The Firestorm is a killer freerace machine with pure blood slalom DNA.
 With its parallel lines in the mid/front section, smaller cut-outs and dedicated wingered/toro tail, makes the Firestorm controllable and easier to jibe than a slalom board and consequently excels using both freerace and cam race sails.
The Firestorm Y28 comes with a new full carbon LTD technology delivers incredible lightness and strength combining a full carbon deck with a glass bottom. If you want to be on the tip of your top speed potential at all times, the Firestorm is your choice.

  • Nieuw


Prijs € 2.899,00

Entirely built with a completely new 100 grms /sqmt Biaxial super light carbon fibers both on deck and bottom. The lightest yet reliable layup construction ever developed on a racing machine!

NEW, re-designed shapes enhancing control in overpowered situations, allow earlier planing, smoother gliding, and quickly accelerating after jibes . Needs anything else? The refined slalom scoop-rocker line ensures streamlined handling, bursting acceleration, and top speeds on any water surface. The deep deck concave configuration delivers lower sail foot placement, increasing stability after gybing and improving planing and acceleration post-mark.

AC-0 |Grey No Cam Race 024 4.7

AC-0 |Grey No Cam Race 024 4.7

Prijs € 719,00

AC-0 024:  The Windurf Slalom Sail with no Cams


DESIGNED FOR: Slalom speed seekers, who don’t like the hassle of cams. If cambered sails are not your cup of tea, then the sheer performance specs and looks of the AC-0 should be the one for you. Let the wind fill in the sail, and you’ll be smiling seeing others eating your spray!