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The new Cortex continues to offer the same stunning performance in everyday windswell conditions as the previous versions. For the 2021 version we have kept all main shape details except for an updated nose shape. In certain high power top turns when you bury the whole rail, the new nose offers a smoother feel. But for most situations, the new nose mainly offers a smoother look.
The Cortex will totally change the way you look at an average day. With an extremely short length and a narrow outline with diamond tail configuration, it delivers the best onshore conditions. Combined with a very fast rocker, Cortex is extremely agile and tight turning even when the surf is on. The parallel outline and smooth rail flow keep you in complete control during quick rail to rail transitions. Optimized for both sideshore and onshore real world conditions Cortex delivers snappy turns and quick reactions in the traditional windswell zones and can also be tuned to slice and dice in more side offshore down the line environments. The Cortex may be a new school short board, but it has a long history. The rocker, spiral v and concave profile has its roots in the original Simmer Freewave board.
When Kai Katchadourian needed a dedicated board for Peahi, aka Jaws, the controlled but still turny freewave shape was chosen to form the basis for the control that such a board requires. Freewave was a great hit and the dependable bottom shape has since been used in a variety of shapes in our prototype process. The most exciting of those designs became Cortex where the fast and controlled bottom, based on a progressive rocker flow  and double concave v bottom, is combined with a parallell outline and smooth rails. This creates a board that  is an awesome performer for real world conditions where it delivers snappy turns and quick reactions. Kai's original spiral V-bottom heritage still shines through on rail stability and general control through rough conditions, yet Cortex and it's short length and aggressive stance has changed the game forever in how you attack a wave.
The mechanics of this shape is a combination of several design choices; The fast and controlled bottom combined with a sleek, low entry outline provides excellent flow,  especially in slower waves. The wide rounded nose allows the board to fit in tighter parts of shorter trough waves while still allowing a long enough rail line for solid full rail carves. The shortened diamond tail and accelerated v-angle frees the board up quickly for enhanced shorter turns and ultra quick rail-to-rail performance. The parallell outline converges into the tail area under foot providing ample lift for early planing and lots of pop for aerials and jumps. Cortex can easily adapt to different turning angles. With the stance set as far back as possible, the inner angled rear section adds grip in top turns, and extra torque in tight bottom turns. In addition, a pulled back mast track gives the rider the choice of freeing up the board even more by placing the mast in the rear of the box, or to stabilize it for longer turns or jump oriented sailing by placing the mast foot slightly further forward.Cortex comes standard with five carbon slotboxes for quad fin, tri fin or twin fin setup.
Hot-Coat Finish
All G5 boards feature a hot-coat paint finish. This process combines the colour pigment with the outer layer of a hard epoxy gel coat, this improves the board colour longevity, making it almost impossible to stratch off, it produces an extremely UV-resistant coating that ensures the boards colour resists fading in strong sunlight, all of this whilst saving weight by replacing the base coat paint, and two layers of top coat paint
The Electric Flex Technology
Our layup, construction, and reinforcement are all placed in where user needs and they all work in together to create the optimal stiffness to weight ration. The construction moves with you, rather and against you, which makes the board feel more lively in every movement. We call this technology Electric Flex. For our wave boards we use 45 degree carbon layup for maximum the strength and flex and for our flatwater boards we use 30 degree carbon layup for more vertical strength. Basically, flex and stiffness where its needed. The main features of the construction is the PVC Sandwich stringer. This is the spine of the board which absorbs and distributes the force from impacts throughout the boards entire construction. This eliminates unnecessary breakage as stress is shared between the entire hull, creating a much more durable construction. The stringer also helps to maintain the rocker curve during manoeuvres.
Standard fin setup // TRI
Alternative fin setup // QUAD or TWIN

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Deep Tuttle Adapter Deep Tuttle Adapter

Deep Tuttle Adapter

Prijs € 10,95

Gebruik als even mogelijk een Deep Tuttle Adapter als je een Tuttle vin in een Deep Tuttle Box wil gaan gebruiken. 

Picture is showing damage made by using tuttle box fin into deep tuttle box  board. Yellow arrows are showing the crack made by the fin base. When you are fixing the fin into the board you are applying force with tightening the screws and the fin base is pulled inside the board. This way, the fin is pushing into front and back of the box. The blue arrow is showing the direction of the force and as a consequence the box is cracked. Water is entering and we all know the scenario. Red arrow is showing the deepest point of tuttle base into deep tuttle box.  This is also the point where the crack ends.

LISA Twist Lock Pulley LISA Twist Lock Pulley

LISA Twist Lock Pulley

Prijs € 62,50

This innovative item directly integrated to the boom is an Original design from LISA Windsurfing.

Very fast and efficient to hook the sail clew, this quarter revolution part can also be released from the rope in a few seconds.

  • Fits all the sails
  • 0ne second hooking on the outhaul
  • Alloy  grade 6 core for durability
  • TPU caps
  • Aluminium screws to prevent any corrosion
  • Perfect rope sliding around the pulley
  • Available as a spare
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LISA Foil Racing... LISA Foil Racing...
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LISA Foil Racing Harnesslines 28"-44"

Prijs € 99,00

New concept of harness lines for foil racing by LISA.

We suppressed the textile and sewing to improve drastically lines reliability and their stiffness, making the rope the only part to support the strain. -Quick mounting design -Big length Vario -Always stiff lines, even at maximum length -Mono lines to ease sailing and sail settings

Kleur kan per lijnen set afwijken.

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Prijs € 1.849,99

Radically af! This is how the WE STYLE can be briefly summarized. Due to its compact outline, and the shortness, the board is extremely agile and rotational. The comparatively narrow tail generates a great pop. Sharp rails over a long area allow a fast and controllable turns and initiate maneuvers. The WE STYLE also features a relatively pronounced V in the underwater hull, making the board very smooth and controllable. The flat rocker between mast rail and tail let the board glide quickly, and bring to high speed. Maneuvers in "switch position" are easy to control, with the WE STYLE keeping good speed. This board is a "must have" if you want to improve your freestyle level quickly.

  • Nieuw


Prijs € 1.890,00

WE WAVE is the definition of a true all wave board! A sophisticated combination of outline, rocker line and the design of the underwater hull, gives the board radical, but easily controllable wave characteristics. In the development we have paid great attention to ride comfort and controlling. The WE WAVE features a pronounced V and double concave in the underwater hull, giving the board a smooth and comfortable ride even in difficult and choppy conditions.

  • Nieuw


Prijs € 1.849,99

The WE ONSHORE is designed for playful wave feeling in challenging onshore conditions. Due to its shortness, and its wide tail, fast and tight turns on chaotic onshore conditions are easy to perform. Also, in changing and gusty wind conditions the board is really fun. At the same time, due to its wide tail, you can stay in the footstraps even in light winds, and with every incoming gust you can immediately bring the board into gliding position.

  • Nieuw


Prijs € 1.789,99

With the WE STYLE WAVE, we didn't make it easy for ourselves to develop a board that combines good freestyle and wave characteristics. Various test reports confirm that we have managed to combine these very different characteristics in one board. The wide and rounded bow facilitates freestyle jumping and sliding maneuvers. However, the specially designed rocker line also allows for easy to ride turns in moderate wave conditions. The stretched and parallel outline of the rails, bring the board to high speed and provides the basis for freestyle and jump maneuvers. The flat rocker line between mast rail and tail, make the board extremely glidy, while the pronounced V with double concave in the underwater hull, guarantee very smooth and controlled gliding properties at high speed.

  • Nieuw


Prijs € 1.790,00

The WE RIDE appears due to its compact outline at first glance like a STUBBY concept. The WE RIDE was designed as a true FREERIDE board which forms an orchestra of gliding strength, smoothness, best jibe characteristics, sporty free riding feel and easy handling.

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Prijs € 1.900,00

With the WE FREE RACE all sporty ambitious racers have the greatest joy! Fast gliding, gliding through wind holes, high top speed, excellent jibing characteristics, easy and stable handling with a sporty feel at the same time, are just a few features that distinguish the board.

 In short, the WE FREE RACE gives you the feeling of a true race board, but with easy controllability.

A high-performance sandwich construction with the highest quality PVC sandwich in deck and bottom intelligent use of S-Glass and extensive use of BIAX Nanocarbon, as well as additional carbon reinforcements in nose, deck and bottom provide the board despite low weight a long durability.

130 L Demo Board aanwezig!

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Prijs € 2.089,99

The WE FOIL boards are state of the art flying machines. No expense has been saved to get you flying above the water with speed and control. The boards have high volume to get going in the lightest of winds, while keeping the super compact outline and short length (210cm) for more control in the air. We have added a large amount of V in the nose of the board and kept the rail very full to prevent touchdowns being a problem. With their short length, smaller nose area and low rocker the aerodynamics have been optimized for going fast and controlled with no limits on the top speed.

Liberty XO Dual Carbon... Liberty XO Dual Carbon...
  • Nieuw

Liberty XO Dual Carbon Control Harness

Prijs € 349,00

"Cross Over Dual Carbon" Harness brings new concept by totaly different concept. This concept is the solution for legacy waist and seat harness defect as third option. Keep lower half of body free but pull in sail by lower half of body effectively and protect back at the same time. LIBERTY Cross Over Dual Carbon harness realizes this two contradict requirements standing together. Hook position is placed middle between waist and seat harness. Tension to hook is distribued to back and hip and carbon flexibility helps to catch sail power by whole body. Minimize burden for back. Tension to hip is able to adjust by enhanced harness-bar belt. Hook won't be rided up during sailing without thighs belt is highlighted feature.