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S4LT Anti Twist set (zwart)
  • S4LT Anti Twist set (zwart)

S4LT Anti Twist set (zwart) voor halve voetband

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The ATW 277 is the successor to the ATW 254/300 and replaces it! The changes affect the design, functionality, material and color. The ATW 277 fits both straps with 1 "(25.4 mm) and 30 mm hole spacing.


Who does not know the situation? The wind is blowing, the conditions look good, you hurry up with the material to be quick on the water. Finally gliding! But then the footstraps are annoying, you can't get in properly and sliding out again rakes because the foot straps twist. The way back through the shore break, across the beach to the car, feels like an eternity. Now you don't want to take any more risks and tighten the screws until water comes! Sometimes, however, the screw head says goodbye beforehand or the screw hole is turned over ...

As I was able to observe again and again on the beach, this is not a personal problem, but a widespread problem. In any case, I was fed up with it and developed the ATW 277. Since I've been using the system, I can't help but grin when I look into the strained faces of like-minded people while they mount or readjust their foot straps. Thanks to the second rigid axle, the straps are now in place, bomb-proof like foot straps that were mounted with two screws on each side, but without the not inconsiderable extra weight and price of double plugs.

What good are foot straps that don't twist?

Every windsurfer who surfs in the foot straps or is on the way there benefits from tight foot straps. The entry and exit is much easier, for all kind of surfer level. Nothing gets stuck that could lead to incorrect balancing of the board and thus to falls. The foot strap stays in place and guarantees that the feet can slide in and out smoothly. Ambitious windsurfers benefits from this, by avoiding incorrect loading of the board, so that the performance is increased. In addition, the expert benefits from a significantly increased control over his material, which leads to more security, and in consequence, to increased self-confidence with more speed. Performance through control!

A small detail with a clearly noticeable impact!

Advantages compared to non-positive systems

  • No twisting foot straps

  • No overtightened screws

  • No overturned mounting holes in the windsurf board

  • No excessive exertion required

  • No grated pads

  • Easy and safe sliding in and out

  • Suitable for metric foot straps (30 mm hole spacing)

  • Suitable for imperial foot straps (25.4 mm hole spacing)

  • Suitable for 1/2 "(12.7mm) hole spacing in the board

  • Suitable for 1 "(25.4 mm) hole spacing in the board

  • Suitable for front and rear foot straps

Advantages compared to systems with two screws on each side

  • Cheaper (6-8 screw plugs that don't have to be installed)

  • Up to 500gr lighter (6-8 screw plugs less to carry on)

  • More adjustment options (in order to save weight, boards with two screws on each foot strap side usually only have 1- 2 instead of 5 adjustment positions)

  • An ugly and expensive conversion from 1 to 2 screw system is no longer necessary

  • There is no need to switch on a new board with a 2 screw system


The ATW 277 is injection molded in heavy-duty PA6 (nylon). It is available in stylish colors: black, white, yellow and pink.

What's new?

Power transmission has been changed from non-positive to positive-locking. To prevent the foot strap from twisting instead of frictional force (non-positive), a second rigid axie is used comparable to boards with two screws on each side of the foot strap. The shape of the components effectively prevents the foot strap from twisting (positive fit). In this way, the fastening screw is only loaded by pulling forces in the axial direction. The torque, however, is absorbed by the second rigid axle. The fastening screws of previous systems, are expected to do both at the same time, which leads to the known problems.

Field of application

The ATW 277 is designed for windsurfing boards with a hole spacing of ½ inch (12.7mm) as well as for hole spacings of 1 inch (25.4mm). 1 "and 1/2" hole spacings are the common standards today. Very old boards or custom boards sometimes deviate from this standard. However, the ATW 277 can also be mounted for other hole spacings, but then only works via the frictional resistance. Nevertheless, even without the second rigid axle, the shape of the ATW 277 generates higher frictional resistance than comparable products that only work through friction.

The mounting bracket of the anti-twist washer can be adjusted so that it can be used for both front and rear foot strap positions. On windsurf boards with a hole spacing of ½ inch, the second rigid axle is constructed using a grub screw that is flush with the ATW. Windsurf boards with 1 inch hole spacing use a pan head screw to fix the second rigid axis, which engages with the screw head in the side recess of the ATW. The pan head screw can also be used with 1/2 inch hole spacing, for this a hole is skipped so that a hole spacing of 1 inch is given again. The ATW 277 is suitable for metric foot straps (30 mm hole spacing) - and for imperial foot straps (1 "hole spacing).



1. Dismantling the previously installed system.

2. Measure the distance between the holes in the windsurf board

3. Screw in the threaded pin at 1/2 "hole spacing

Screw in the lens head screw at 1 "hole spacing

4. Mount ATWs in the foot straps

5. Screw the footstrap into the board

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Deep Tuttle Adapter Deep Tuttle Adapter

Deep Tuttle Adapter

Prijs € 10,95

Gebruik als even mogelijk een Deep Tuttle Adapter als je een Tuttle vin in een Deep Tuttle Box wil gaan gebruiken. 

Picture is showing damage made by using tuttle box fin into deep tuttle box  board. Yellow arrows are showing the crack made by the fin base. When you are fixing the fin into the board you are applying force with tightening the screws and the fin base is pulled inside the board. This way, the fin is pushing into front and back of the box. The blue arrow is showing the direction of the force and as a consequence the box is cracked. Water is entering and we all know the scenario. Red arrow is showing the deepest point of tuttle base into deep tuttle box.  This is also the point where the crack ends.

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