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  1. The KoiII


    Normale prijs: € 89,00

    Special Price € 44,50

    The MAKANI pro Koi freestyle fin is going to be THE new reference in Freestyle. The KOI fin is a combination of all the freestyle experience of WYATT MILLER, TYSON POOR (US pro-riders) and the knowledge of Louis Genest (Makani’s engineer). A larger chord on top for planning power with a slighlty smaller tip for 2nd spins. Add a thin profile for easy pops and you have all the ingredients of a great freestyle fin ! The KOI makes you forget you are riding a fin so you can throw all your best moves easily. Louis (designer): "I guess this fin is working well, can't do the trick they're doing so I believe Makani's pro riders ;-) No seriously we did lots of prototypes to get this final product and we have got a top of the line freestyle fin. Fast foil with the perfect outline for freestyle purpose." De vin van Philip Soltysiak 16cm €89 18cm €99 21cm €109 Meer info
  2. Koi Weed

    Koi Weed

    Normale prijs: € 109,00

    Special Price € 54,50

    Word from our main tester for the Koi weed fin, Mike burns :

     "Jon and I both like the narrower based fin better. It’s got more than enough grip in a straight line and still slides really nice. It’s a dramatic improvement over the Naia for freestyle. The one with the wider base was a little too sticky in the tricks. The narrower fin was the first weed fin I’ve tried that I can keep planing through a double flaka on Really though, you guys came up with a great design and I’m totally stoked to be using that fin. Now I won’t mind having to switch to a weed fin!!! " It says it all !!!


    Feedback Eduard Bos: Echt helemaal super die weedfin! Gisteren de hele middag op horst gevaren en niet 1x af hoeven stappen om wier van mijn vin te halen. Hij vaart zelfs door dikke wierplakken. Hij vaart hetzelfde als de gewone freestyle maar dan iets losser op het water. Gijpjes en grubbys gaan zelfs iets makkelijker:-)

    Meer info
  3. Naia


    Normale prijs: € 99,00

    Special Price € 49,50

    Niet in voorraad

    Naia Meer info
  4. Verzekerde verzending (tot ordergrootte €50)

    Verzekerde verzending (tot ordergrootte €50)

    Normale prijs: € 1,50

    Special Price € 0,75

    Alleen afleveren bij ontvanger Handtekening voor ontvangst Verzekerd tot €50 Meer info

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